Man Plays Oversized Violin Between Legs In Viral ‘Late Show’ Video

Photo credit: ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ YouTube channel (

NEW YORK—A new video showing a man who appears to be playing a giant violin has been trending on social media outlets since it was posted Tuesday.

The viral clip, taken from Monday night’s airing of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, features a well-dressed man wearing glasses who is holding what looks like a bowed string instrument about five or six times the size of a normal violin.

The enormous fiddle can be seen resting between the man’s knees and across his lap, propped up by a thin metal rod extending diagonally to an anchor point on the floor in front of him. He seems to be holding the bow and fingerboard much like an ordinary violin, but the instrument is so large it had to be mounted on a stick and clutched with his inner thighs to be played comfortably.

For the majority of the two-and-a-half-minute video, the musician—dressed like a businessman—plays an extended, probably improvised, melody while a nearby woman in a red spandex bodysuit walks around on her tippy-toes and frolics about the stage.

The unusual instrument’s small fan base has been cheering on the viral clip since its release Tuesday, as it is a rare occurrence for big-violin playing to appear on a popular, late-night television program such as The Late Show. The video, which has already attracted over half a million views on YouTube, is likely to increase the number of parents signing their kids up for big-violin lessons across the country and boost the audience for big-violin music worldwide.

Watch the bizarre performance here: