Grab a tissue box! This music is so devastatingly beautiful it will make blood ooze forth from your tear ducts. Have a listen!

1. Purcell – Dido’s Lament from ‘Dido and Aeneas’

That moment when Dido sings “Remember me, remember me, but ah! forget my fate!” and you just can’t help but weep blood!

2. Mozart – Lacrimosa from Requiem Mass

Mozart’s unfinished Requiem has as its centerpiece the most somber and mournful of all the movements, the Lacrimosa. It only takes one hearing for your eyes to turn into gaping wounds.

3. Beethoven – Adagio un poco mosso from Piano Concerto No. 5

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The slow movement of the ‘Emperor’ Piano Concerto is as tender and loving a piece as anything Beethoven composed. If this work doesn’t move you to bloody tears, something is seriously wrong with you.

4. Chopin – Prelude in E minor, Op. 28

The gloomiest and most despairing of Chopin’s works, the E minor Prelude was even played at the composer’s funeral. Four minutes of dark, descending chromatic textures and you’ll be crying a river (of blood).

5. Brahms – Andante from Piano Quartet No. 3 in C minor, Op. 60

Featuring one of the great cello solos in all the literature, this bittersweet movement in E major is a glimmer of light amidst the dark drama of the surrounding movements. Your eyes are sure to be a gory mess once the music reaches its final cadence.

6. Elgar – Nimrod from ‘Enigma Variations’

Elgar’s masterpiece, the famed Nimrod from his ‘Enigma Variations’ never fails to stain your cheeks with the blood gushing from your eyes.

7. Mahler – Adagietto from Symphony No. 5

Famous for its use in the 1971 film Death in Venice, the Adagietto was Mahler’s poem of love and lamentation for his beloved Alma. It is said that upon first hearing this breathtaking piece, Alma began sobbing uncontrollably until her entire gown was soaked through with blood.

8. Barber – Adagio for Strings

One of the iconic works of national mourning, Barber’s Adagio has been performed at the memorials of public figures from FDR and JFK to Einstein and Princess Diana. And after just a few bars, it’s not hard tell why. At once, red plasma will erupt violently from your eye sockets, turning your face into the site of twin blood-geysers for the rest of the piece.

Well, what are you waiting for? Put these tear-jerkers in your iPod playlist and go paint the town red!