Come, absorb yourself in conversation with this fascinating man—
a classical musician himself!

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

OH MY GOD. Are all you guys classical musicians??? No way! I’m a cellist!

I mean, I took piano lessons and like, I know some guitar, but yeah. I play cello! Hehehe. Anyway, nice to meet you!

Wait, have you been to Aspen? Do you know Lauren DiPaolo?

Hmm. Let’s see, who else…

What about Paul Osaka? James Redden? Bethany Wu? She plays violin.

I bet we have lots of friends in common. Lemme think…

Where’d you do your undergrad? Do you know Hyung Suk Lee? Daniel Aronov? Jenny McGinnis? Ben Brantley? Mary Dodson? Kim Contrares? Bella Friedman? Jon Carp? Vicky Spieler? Peter Wellington? Maddie Jenkins? She was my stand partner at Music Academy when I played principal on William Tell and Shosti One.

Ah man, who else would we both know?

Think think think!

Oh! What about Drew Guzman? Angela Hemsing? Myung Hoon Cho? Derek Turkowski? Rachel Carr? Sylvia Wong? Sharon Wong? Fenton Bittersby? Gabe Field? Grace Ji? Larry Feinberg? Serena Deane? Jay Rawls? Nina Kruger? Kathryn Skidmore? Catherine Murphy? Corey Murphy? Anton Silvercastle? Frieda Abarbanel? Sun Min Lee? Naomi Ko? Philip Ko? Isabel Dunham? I went to Schleswig with her two summers ago. Three summers ago, maybe? Let’s see, it was 2012. Yeah, three summers ago.

Just a sec, I need to answer this.

Okay, I’m back.

So do you guys know Timothy Weng from Spoleto? I think he’s at Eastman now. What about Ted Foster? Anika Malinsky? Daniella Harbour? Eva Nieman? I did Encore with her when we were in high school. We go way back. Tristan Dyer? Tabatha McMillen? Sara Derner…

Aaaaah, my neck. Sorry, I’ve just been practicing a lot for this gig I have next week.

I shouldn’t complain though. I’m performing at the Kennedy Center! Yeah!

I mean, I’ve played there a few times already. That reminds me. Do you know Karen Rosen? Flute player? She was at Verbier.

Oh, and what was her boyfriend’s name? The trumpet guy… Dylan something…

Anyway, they were friends with my friend Jessica Poughkeepsie.

OH MY GOD you know Jessica Poughkeepsie??? I freaking love Jess, she’s hilarious. Also, probably the best bassoonist I’ve ever heard.

Ah-choo! Bless me. Gross.

Oh one more. Do you know Henry Musial? What about Natalie Gogolski? Harpist.

Wow. Small world, right? Anyway, I need to take this. But it was fun talking! I’ll friend you on Facebook. Bye!

“Wow” is right. Absolutely riveting.